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Federal Government Grant ecoENERGY Retrofit

ecoENERGY Retrofit provides grants and incentives to homeowners and small and medium-sized businesses, industry and public institutions to help them invest in energy and pollution-saving upgrades. The maximum grant one can receive per home or multi-unit residential building is $5,000; whereas the total grant amount available to one individual or entity for eligible properties over the life of the program is $500,000.

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Ontario Power Authority’s Cool Savings Rebate Program

The OPA’s Cool Savings Rebate Program provides with the opportunity to help do your part to reduce Ontario electricity consumption while saving money. You’ll also be doing something good for the environment. On hot summer days, Ontario relies more heavily on coal-fired generating stations to meet our electricity needs. Making sure you have an efficient central air conditioning system and using it wisely has many pluses: you can help reduce electricity use and pollution, save money on your hydro bill and take advantage of these cool rebates The maximum rebate per home is $800

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