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Our products are just the right medicine to imbibe freshness and health into your chosen space – home, office, restaurant, mall, store, hotel, hospital and more. We deal with ideas and technology that come together for a seamless blend of all that’s fresh and the sturdiness of the great indoors. In fact our products read very much like your favourite story with a happy ending.

The Air Book. Once upon a time, there lived a little boy. He would look out of the window and shiver at the snowflakes falling to the ground. He looked around his home and realised that it needed the warmth of an inviting furnace.

So the next day, he got on his bicycle, with a sandwich packed by his mother in his back pack. He rode into the woods and stopped just short of the entrance of a huge cave. The cave’s mouth opened and a whoosh of pure, fresh air from the air handler within escaped. The well ventilated air within did not have a single sign of the usually stifling nature of most caves. He was amazed. There were white coated engineers working in every corner of the cave, with tools in their hands and a smile on their faces.

As he walked on, he was greeted by a never seen before feat – air emanating soundlessly from a ductless air conditioner. A smiling, bespectacled engineer showed him how it ventilates air without attracting carbon and dust. That’s really something, thought the boy.

The gust of wind from outside had now settled and the boy shivered a little under the impeccably performing air conditioner. He was instantly drawn towards the heating hub where a heat pump converted precious thermal energy and used it as a medium to send out a heat flow. What a delight, he imagined. His attention was also channelled towards the tank less water heater – a magical devise that produced instant hot or warm water without all the traditional trappings of water storage or wastage!

As he looked around some more, he was approached by one of the engineers who told him how the air system was devised so as to avoid mould, unnecessary gases, contaminants, and energy stressors. No wonder they all looked so happy, he realized! And he learnt that it was called indoor air quality solutions.

He went home that evening, with a slew of products under a unique rental program, to live happily ever after with his treasure from Home Star!

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